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Bizzykidz was founded by Debi Clark in 1996. As the mother of a child model herself, she wanted to create a more friendly and approachable agency than she had experienced. We began as a small agency and have grown to what has become the UK’s largest with divisions covering Central, Southern & Northen England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland. Used by virtually every client in the industry it is necessary to hold a varied portfolio of children, allowing for unavailability, being booked out on another job and of course to offer the client a choice of faces for their assignment.


Smaller agencies, although seeming appealing to an applicant, are not ideal for clients when seeking children, hence why there are very few commercial assignments that don’t come through our busy bookings department and we are the preferred agency when looking for child talent and models to work within the TV, film and photographic industry. We are now a large agency, but we have a very large client list and every child on our books shares equal importance to us.


Where we are now

From our humble beginnings in a small home/office, we were based in an amazing and huge studio complex in South London/Kent for 8 years and in 2017 moved to our current location in Rochester, offering 4 acres of film and photography space which we hire to clients. Debi, a highly experienced and qualified photographer, has a fantastic team working alongside her at the agency and utilises her photographic skills in the studio, which we have used to branch out into the other side of the industry. The studios are regularly hired to clients for shoots & filming - making us now the complete package for potential clients; we have the kids, the studio and land and the crew! Why would they go anywhere else?


To add further credibility to our success, a Channel 4 TV Show all about the agency and our kids was filmed throughout the whole of 2015 in the UK; airing 2016 for an hour every week for a month. It then launched in Europe & Australia. It doesn't come bigger than that!


2017 was a great year for Bizzykidz' Yimi & Chilee. After a lengthy audition process, recall after recall and then a confirmation, they formed part of the girl group Lemonade and set off to audition for Xfactor. They sailed through the auditions, boot camp, impressed at the six chair challenge and then jetted off to the south of France to Judges Houses with Simon & Cheryl. Unfortunately that is where it ended for the girls, but not without an amazing amount of support from others in the industry, an appearance on ITV's This Morning and a schedule including turning on Christmas lights, radio interviews and the recording of their first single. Watch out for that coming soon!


The agency subsidises the cost of photography for their agency children wishing to update their profile, allowing them to have gorgeous images for their agency profile and at a very low price.  This was one of the main objectives when taking over the premises and something that cannot be matched by our competition. Indeed every new thing we have introduced to help our kids (voiceovers, showreels, workshops, etc) have been copied to the letter by other agencies. Unfortunately for them they haven't been able to match our facilities, excellence, quality, or price to the parent. We even include free photography & assessments for our new joiners and now have 26 appointed studios across the whole of the UK, who carry out assessments and supply updates for those who live further afield.


Our office slogan is "we lead, they follow" and it is so true! But how flattering is that!


We want our children and parents to enjoy the feeling of a very close-knit, friendly and approachable agency. Our staff know ALL of our children and are aware of their strengths & weaknesses, which is invaluable when submitting them to clients for work.


We like our children to have fun and enjoy this wonderful life experience. Our agency is highly professional, however, we keep the emphasis on the word ‘fun’ when dealing with our children; and we always will!


Mini Test Sessions

Unsure how your child will perform in a studio environment? Want to try them first?

15 min appt, including 1 x high res digital image - £40

Available only at our Rochester HQ Studios Use the 'Book Mini Test' button below to arrange your Mini Test Session with our agency bookers.

A full and comprehensive, illustrated guide for parents entering the Child Model industry.


Covering every aspect from looking for a good agent & what to avoid up to fees & child tax implications, this best seller is the must have for any child model just getting started.


Written by Debi Clark, Company Director of the UK's largest child agency - £4.75

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