Bizzykidz T-Shirts

Perfect for Auditions, Updates, or just for fun!

Embroidered Bizzykidz Agency Logo & high quality material

From only £12


Unsure on what to wear for an audition? Attending straight from school? Then this is not only the perfect solution, but the most professional way to attend and be identified!


A black, or white top is required for updates. Our white Bizzykidz t-shirts can be worn for this purpose. Available in a variety of sizes, they can be ordered online or collected at our HQ studios. 

Just For Fun!

Our high quality t-shirts are easy to iron and are all pre-spun so are not succeptable to shrinking. Our logo is also embroidered, so will not peel.

Available in a wide range of ages from 3 years+ 

Our main agency website is at 

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